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[1] You and your friends are trying to decide what to do on a Saturday. You...

would like to just read.
want to go to an amusement park.
want to go to a movie, mostly for the possible dates.
pace around trying to decide and lose track of the conversation.
want to go to a museum/art gallery/etc.
get into a fight about where to go and are eventually left out of the decision.

[2] So after a few fights and a few people getting lost, you find yourself at the movies. You...

pout and wish you had opened your mouth and said "no" to the movies.
grumble over not getting to choose the movie... god, you hate chick-flicks.
wonder how you ended up at the movies.
have your face pressed to the concession-stand display glass.
wonder why you are the only one with a wallet out, ready to pay.
eyeing the short skirts and tight pants, and envisioning yourself under them.

[3] With everyone at the concession-stand, the battle for food begins. You...

wonder why you're standing at the register while everyone else is ordering.
flirt with the girl/guy behind the counter.
pick one of everything without saying a word.
stand to the side alone. You don't do concession-stands.
flip out when the girl/guy gets your order wrong.
were left to get seats and are using every skill you possess to hold onto 10 of them.

[4] You're heading for (or are already inside) the theater. You...

realize that you don't know which theater it is and find yourself going into each one, calling for your friends.
find yourself holding everything that was bought at the concession-stand.
realize that you really have to go to the bathroom because you didn't go before you left.
lost a few seats. Then you look over your shoulder and see that a friend has snagged all 10 with no bruises to show for his trouble.
walk in and spot some unclaimed seats. Having no confidence in the designated seat-holder, you claim some seats on your own.
didn't get the concession-stand guy/girl's name with their number, so you go back to get their name (not that it really matters).

[5] During the movie, you...

feel like killing everyone around you for having to sit through a sappy-mush excuse for a film.
bit the person reaching for your popcorn.
find another person in a cute uniform and flirt with them, ignoring the fact that it's a security guard.
found the movie stupid, so you went outside to read.
are entranced by the tragic love story playing out: the classic, star-crossed lovers movie.
found yourself outside the theater and when they wouldn't let you back in, you raised a slight fuss.

[6] After the movie, things come to light that you wished you'd had no part of. You...

got arrested for practically molesting a security guard.
got hit by a car as you wandered away from the theater when they wouldn't let you back in.
find you actually liked the movie, but would never admit that you have a soft spot for romance.
look up from reading to see one friend being arrested, and another getting hit by a car.
are nursing the hand that got bitten when you tried for extra popcorn.
end up paying the cop to let your friend go, and drive your other friend to the hospital (as you're the only one with a car), and vow to never hang out with such embarrassing friends again.

[7] As everyone straggles home, you...

were in the car already because you're not stupid enough to let them leave you behind/walking.
are on your way home from the hospital. The concussion works against you and you wander away from your friends.
walk home, counting all the phone numbers you got that day.
were left in the arcade section of the theater.
try to get everyone in the car to go home, but you've had enough and end up leaving whoever strayed behind.
get into a fight over riding shotgun and end up pouting in the back seat.

Quiz by koyasunomiko and koyappi. [May 2002]

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Code adapted from the Spider-Man quiz, which was adapted from the Daria quiz,
which was adapted from the heepoo, which was adapted from the Resolution Quiz,
which was adapted from the beetle quiz.

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