Omae wa dochira anime no VILLAIN desu ka?

Take the quiz to find out!

[1] A war is approaching your city. You...

worry about your family's role in the war.
grab the nearest weapon and head for the trouble spots... oh wait, the trouble spot is around you.
are not too sure which side is right and worry about which to choose.
started the war and are waiting to see what allies and foes will appear.
were involved in the war from the beginning, but let others do your dirty work.

[2] Sides have been chosen. Approaching the field of battle, your weapon of choice is...

a sword; there is something extremely satisfying about cleaving people in half, personally.
a pistol; you'd prefer to to kill from a distance, you hate getting messy.
a minion; or rather, the group of minions you sent as your representatives.
a knife, to hold the victim's nearest friend/relative hostage while making the victim choose how the hostage will die. You prefer close contact in order to see your victim's physical and mental anguish.
something magical. But if the magic doesn't work, whip out some acid and melt them!

[3] Important decisions must be made and your superior asks your advice.

You laugh in his face for having to ask for advice and kill him for being an idiot.
You play along and advise him to basically advise the men that you're in charge.
There is no one superior to you, you are the head of the army and will enforce this by torture, if necessary.
Although you allow your superior to be in charge, you wouldn't advise him in any way. You hate the fucker.
You can't give your superior advice because you've just switched sides.

[4] You've discovered a traitor in your midst. You...

are the traitor, but don't let anyone know! Shhh!
leave him alone; he may be useful later.
lower him into a pit of rats to be chewed upon.
realize you can't trust anyone on either side and form your own rebellion.
eye the new faction and realize that that plot didn't exactly go according to plan.

[5] You have a chance to end the war. You...

take control of the army and utterly destroy the enemy, but... it was really all to seduce the head of the enemy army.
end the war, but keep the POWs for fun and torture.
say to hell with ending the war, join the rebel faction to confuse everyone and cause more death; you hate being bored and peace equals boredom.
leave the control of your army in some psycho's hands and head off to commit suicide.
end it; you don't really care about the war, you just wanted to really screw with one guy.

[6] The war is over and everything is peaceful. You are busy...

surviving attempted suicide and deciding that you were not in your right mind during the entire war, probably due to a friend's influence.
cooking up another torture plot while nursing your wounds.
plying your trade once again in back alleys; humanity is screwed, but you survived the war!
having constant "wars" and "battles" with a captive where you keep "raping" him.
trying to find friends/family who used the war as an excuse to run away from you.

[7] Which of these suits you best?

A gag; you can still torture them and hear their muffled screams.
Whips and chains; they're useful in holding reluctant people captive.
A mask; either a handy shield or an easy target.
Siblings; they must be controlled or killed to achieve a state with no weaknesses.
Dark rooms; convenient to hide disobedient people, cool to peer at people from the shadows, and a nice secluded place in which to relax.

Quiz by koyasunomiko and koyappi. [June 2002]

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Code adapted from the Spider-Man quiz, which was adapted from the Daria quiz,
which was adapted from the heepoo, which was adapted from the Resolution Quiz,
which was adapted from the beetle quiz.

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