DISCLAIMER: All the lyrics archived herein were transliterated directly from the booklet by me, Koyasu no Miko. The katakana and hiragana are all correct. However, the kanji may be transliterated incorrectly because it was (mostly) guesswork done by ear. So, if you know the correct transliteration, please feel free to email me!

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REQUESTS: I *do* take requests if you'd like me to *try* to transliterate the song. You must send a copy of the lyrics & an mp3 (or something similar) of the song to koyasunomiko@yahoo.com.

+Koyasu 001-006+
lazy night
+Koyasu as ZAZEL+
flower like a sky
en la luna
MASKIM ~hametsu no progress~
unknown reality
unstable feeling
+High School Aurabuster+
end of silence
+Master of Mosquiton+
SCANDALOUS no moe__kite