NOTICE: As of June 18th, iDrive will be no more! So, I'm currently trying to upload all the stuff I had on iDrive over to myplay. You can use this link and info to access and download all my mp3s:

email: koyasunomiko@yahoo.com
password: koyasunomiko

REQUESTS: If I have the song you want, I *will* upload it at your request. Send an email (including the Title of the song, the singer & the anime) to me at koyasunomiko@yahoo.com.

+Koyasu 001-006+
• because
• lazy night
+Koyasu as ZAZEL+
• courage
• en la luna
• angelo
• flower like a sky
+HS Aurabuster+
• end of silence
+Weiß Kreuz/Schwarz+
• este [brad]
• spiritualized [schu]
• mayfly [nagi]
• kill me, kiss me, kill me [farfie]

• scapegoat [Zetsuai/BRONZE]